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Kite Party 10 (info)

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We’re off and running, nearly ready for another beautiful weekend of kite flying and fun in Huntington Beach.

Look here for info and updates as they’re added, and please feel free to share your comments below!

Are you coming to Kite Party 10?     Click here to register!


Our current RSVPs:

John Barresi (iQuad / Revolution / Kitelife): Portland, OR
TK Barresi (iQuad / Kitelife): Portland, OR
Steve de Rooy (iQuad): Somewhere in Canada
Willow Robin (iQuad): Somewhere in Washington
Bazzer Poulter (iQuad / Revolution / Glued to the Blue): Seattle, WA
David Hathaway (iQuad): Somewhere in Washington
Ben Dantonio (iQuad / Revolution), San Diego, CA
Ron Gibian: Visalia, CA
Jon Bowles: Three Rivers, CA
Mike Macdonald: Brookings, OR
Stacey Jones: Guernerville, CA
Alison Garrett:  Guerneville, CA
Anthony Eichele: Stockton, CA
Mike Manitta: Citrus Heights, CA
David Corning: San Diego, CA
Iris Corning: San Diego, CA
Dan Jiminez: Sparks, NV
Mark Zachariah: Las Vegas, NV
John Chilese (The Godfather): Las Vegas, NV
Bambi Chilese (The Godfather’s Boss): Las Vegas, NV
Lolly Hadzicki  (Revolution Kites): San Diego, CA
Steve Anderson (IKE MEMBER): Wheaton, IL
Allen Carter: Sunnyvale, CA
Jim Strealy: Merced, CA
John Mason: San Diego, CA
Tom Clark (IKE MEMBER): Washington, IL
Alexander Herzog: Costa Mesa, CA
Ron Despojado: La Jolla, CA
Don Cortez: San Francisco, CA
Christoph Fokken – GERMANY
Donna Houchins: Washington, MO
Marco Ou: Torrance, CA
Annie Meyer: Torrance, CA
Mike Kory (IKE and 180 Go! MEMBER): Charleston, IL
Colleen Baker (AKA: “Jynx” IKE  MEMBER): West Allis, WI
Mark Lummas (Team TOO MUCH FUN): Yorba Lina, CA
Jeanette Lummas ( TOO MUCH FUN): Yorba Linda, CA
Samantha Lummas: (Daughter and “Up and Comer” of Mark and Jeanette)
Ben Lummas: (Team Too Much Fun, 9 yr old PHENOM)
Jon Trennepohl ( SKYBURNER KITES): Plymouth, MI
Mareanne Trennepohl (SKYBURNER KITES): Plymouth, MI
George Halpin: Modesto, CA
Pat Lewis: Modesto, CA
Mikey & Shari Devereaux (IKE MEMBERS):  Kankakee, IL …bet they never have to spell their last name or city for people!
Dave Bradley: Portland, OR
Kevin Bayless (WAKELESS KITES), Taylorsville, UT
Kent Kingston (A WIND OF CHANGE KITES):  Las Vegas, NV
Daelyn Kingston  (A WIND OF CHANGE KITES): Las Vegas, NV
Rich Comras (TEAM REV RIDERS): Livingston, NJ
Tracy Long: Redondo Beach, CA
Kurt Oberbeck: Hermosa Beach, CA
Lyle Walter: Long Beach, CA
John Nordin: Lake Stevens, WA
Debbie Nordin: Lake Stevens, WA
Cory, Jen, Samantha, Max Smith: Family of the Nordin’s, registering as non flyers (we’ll have to change THAT, now won’t we!?)
Jeff Bigelow: Stockton, CA
Jeff Faje (IKE and 180 Go! Member): Round Lake, IL
Sean Gurganian: Yorba Linda, CA
Marcelo Gurganian: Yorba Linda, CA
Steve Gurganian: Yorba Linda, CA
Jim Foster: Walnut Grove, CA
Lynn Foster: Walnut Grove, CA
Fran Wilson: Lower Lake, CA
Dick Wilson: Lower Lake, CA
Carol Pittman: San Diego, CA
Cass Pittman: San Diego, CA
Bruce Flora (Kiteman Productions): Orlando, FL
David Alfano: Menlo Park, CA
Demitri Alfano: Menlo Park, CA
Marjorie Zimmerman:  Menlo Park, CA
Katrina Bruland: Portland, OR
Greg Farmer: Port Orchard, WA
Julie Farmer: Port Orchard, WA
Scott Madsen: Salt Lake City, UT
Lee Stroup: Carpenteria, CA
Corey Jensen (Windpower Sports): Las Vegas, NV
Johnathon Purvis: Manitowoc, WI
David Kovacs (IKE member and 180 go!): Dayton, OH
Norman Pulliam: Hanford, CA
Vishal Pahuja:Yamuna Nagar, India
Rod Wilburn: Costa Mesa, CA
Marti Wilburn: Costa Mesa, CA
Wayne Brunjes (SKYBURNER KITES): Livonia, MI
Laura Berg (TEAM REV RIDERS): Keyport, NJ
Nic O’Neill: (Wind Adventures LLC): Anacortes, WA
Paul de Bakker: Mount Vernon, WA
Joe Branek: Golden Valley, ?
Glen Rothstein: San Pedro, CA
Devin Cobleigh Morrison: Pinckney, MI
Rick Spurgeon (San Diego Kite Club): Santee, CA
Pam Mason: San Diego, CA
Phil Kalenowsky: Reno, NV

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