The best non-festival in North America!


The following are guidelines for participation in KITE PARTY.

The main sport kite field is for experienced and REGISTERED participants only. You must register on the web site, and your name must appear on the confirmed list.
The maximum line length is 75′ for non demo (general) flying. 50 – 60′ is recommended.
You MUST be able to fly your kite with total control, and in tight quarters.
You need to share the flying field, it’s not that big.
LINES MUST BE WOUND UP WHEN KITE IS GROUNDED (This will be strictly enforced). It only takes 30 seconds but can save hours of headaches.
All canopies and/or shelters must be OUTSIDE the flying area, and must not interfere with Marine Safety Vehicles pathway.

And finally….
Absolutely no grouches or grumpy people! If  you aren’t in a splendid mood, happy to be here, and overall just a downright super friendly person, you’ll be picked on, then kicked out.

The following are city or state ordinances and they are strictly enforced.

No SMOKING allowed on the beach, pier, service road, or in the parking lots.
No unauthorized merchandise sales at event (if you aren’t me or Zack’s, you aren’t authorized)
The Following are Official Kite Party Ordinances:
No Morons
No Idiots
No Jackwagons
No Boneheads
No Whiners
No Complainers
No Bitching
No Moaning
No Arguing (especially with me)

If you have any other questions, please call  714-536-3630.

Thank you,