The best non-festival in North America!

What and who is Kite Party?

Kite Party is about kite fliers connecting face to face with people who they may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with. Kite Party is about socializing with people we have known for years, and meeting people we will know for years. It is about visiting with old friends, and meeting new ones. It’s about reminiscing. It’s about listening. It’s about Fred’s, Ruby’s, and Zack’s. It’s usually a lot of laughs. It’s sometimes a few tears. If we’re lucky, they come together. It’s about improvising. It’s about compromising. It’s about sharing, it’s about caring.

It’s about folks like Ben Lummas and his wonderful family. It’s about Mike Macdonald, George Halpin, Rich Comras (RIP Friend), John Chilese, Allen Carter, Kent Kingston, Mike Kory, IKE, and the dozens and dozens of other selfless people who make this event what it is. It’s for people that focus on others, not themselves. It’s about people who are happy to be here, not happy to be brought here. It’s about those who value people time more than flying time. It’s for people that cherish their time with others off the flying field as much as they do on it. It’s for those that care more about the people at the event than the event.

From the host of Kite Party to all the people that make it one of the most fun kiting events in the world, thank you.

Dave Shenkman
The Kite Connection

Basic Info


North and south side of the Huntington Beach Pier, 200 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Scheduled dates can be found on our home page.


A kiting event that is open to the general public to watch and fly in areas OUTSIDE of the main flying field, which is reserved for EXPERIENCED, REGISTERED KITE PARTY PARTICIPANTS. There will be professional demonstrations performed at random times throughout the day. There will be sport kite lessons held on the SOUTH side of the pier for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday.


Free for everyone.


(714) 536-3630


Thursday (Unofficial day)

Sunrise – Sunset : Open Kite Flying and just hanging out!
After Sunset : Dinner: Wherever we feel like eating at the time.

Friday (Unofficial Day)

Sunrise – Sunset : Open Kite Flying and more hanging out!
After Sunset:  Dinner: Fred’s Cantina


Sunrise – Sunset : Open Kite Flying, Music,  Demos, and FUN!
After Dark :  Dinner and Auction (Registered Kite Partiers):  Lamppost Pizza: Golden West and Warner, Huntington Beach.


Sunrise – Sunset : Open Kite Flying, Music, Demos, and MORE FUN!
After Dark: Dinner and Goodbye’s (Registered Kite Partiers):  Zack’s Pier Plaza, at the flying field.

Monday (Unofficial Day)

ALL DAY: Recovery, hanging out, saying goodbye, and open flying.
Beginning of the 362 day countdown to next year, if there is one ;-)