The following are guidelines for participation in KITE PARTY.

  • The main sport kite field is for experienced and REGISTERED participants only. You must register on the web site, and your name must appear on the confirmed list.
  • The MAXIMUM line length for sport kites is 75′ for non demo (general) flying. 50 – 60′ is highly recommended. The MAXIMUM length for single line kites is 200′ and kites must not fly over the bike path, parking lot, or Pacific Coast Highway.
  • You must be able to fly your kite with total control, and in tight quarters.
  • You need to share the flying field, it’s not that big.
  • Sport Kite LINES MUST BE WOUND UP WHEN KITE IS GROUNDED (This will be strictly enforced). It only takes 30 seconds but can save hours of headaches.
  • All canopies and/or shelters must be INSIDE the flying area, and must not interfere with Marine Safety Vehicles pathway.

And finally….

Absolutely no grouches or grumpy people! If  you aren’t in a SPIFFY mood, happy to be here, and overall just a downright super friendly person, you’ll be picked on, then shown the door.

The following are city or state ordinances and they are strictly enforced.

  • No SMOKING allowed on the beach, pier, service road, or in the parking lots.
  • No PETS
  • No unauthorized merchandise sales at event (if you aren’t me or Zack’s, you aren’t authorized)

The Following are Official Kite Party Ordinances:

  • No Morons
  • No Idiots
  • No Jackwagons
  • No Boneheads
  • No Dipshits
  • No Whining
  • No Complaining
  • No Bitching
  • No Moaning
  • No Arguing (especially with me)

If you have any other questions, please call  714-536-3630.

Thank you,



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Live Huntington Beach webcam

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